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4 Tips on Refinishing Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor Refinishing Advice from Experts

  1. Repair Cracks and Spalls – First things first – assess the damage. If a crack or spall is greater than the width of a credit card, it is advisable to repair it. Often, these repairs are temporarily fixed with the wrong products and improper installation, fixing them right the first time will prevent them from getting worse and will ensure a lasting repair. What happens if these areas are not addressed? They will continue to break down causing larger cracks (potholes) that are much more expensive to repair.
  2. Properly Seal the Surface – Once the surface has been repaired the best method of refinishing concrete floors is to clean and seal them. Remove the surface contaminants and install a penetrating concrete sealer to prevent the concrete from dusting. Dusting concrete is not only a maintenance nightmare, but it is also breaks down forklift tires faster – all part of your bottom line!
  3. Create Some Luster – Taking your clean & seal step a little farther will go a long way. With a light polished concrete floor your concrete will have a little sheen to it, be smoother, and will last even longer. The increased brightness will reduce the lighting need, boost employee moral and will wow any visitors that pass through.
  4. Follow the Maintenance Plan – As part of any concrete resurfacing process, there are guidelines for making the floor last. Follow these maintenance rules and you will enjoy the benefits of refinishing concrete floors for a long time.

Extending the life of your concrete floors is possible – and it can be done with little interruption to your facility. An experienced contractor can assess the damage, put together an action plan, and restore your concrete.

All Stone Restoration can restore your concrete floor or add in a new, sparkling one. Whether you need help deciding on the finish or decorative style. We have over 47 years of hands-on experience in all phases of stone and concrete restoration. Contact us today to get your free on-site estimate.