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5 Reasons to Choose Concrete Floors Over Traditional Flooring

Concrete flooring is an excellent choice for interiors, as there are many routes to achieve the end user’s goals. Some of the most common interior concrete floor options include stained and sealed floors, overlay stain systems, solid color epoxy flooring, and decorative epoxy systems. Diverse and versatile, each of these systems can provide many advantages over other traditional flooring options such as tile, carpet or wood. To start, consider the following:


Sealed concrete can cost just a few dollars per-square-foot installed, and has lower long-term costs than most traditional flooring. For example, carpet can be installed inexpensively, but it needs to be professionally cleaned often. Similarly, design requirements, such as color and pattern, can be achieved with concrete overlay stain systems for less than the cost of tile.

Design Freedom

Seamless flooring can be customized to match the interior’s design scheme. Complimentary colors are vital to the outcome of a project, and are often compromised because of the limited options available with traditional flooring. Concrete floors can be finished with a gloss, matte, or satin sheen. In addition, endless pattern options are obtainable, or you can choose to go seamless. There are also many texture options that can be achieved from different application techniques such as stamping. Concrete floors can incorporate customized digital images and logos as well.

Original Modern Appearance

In contrast to more pervasive interior flooring options, concrete floors provide an original and modern style. Concrete floors allow the customer to more dynamically express themselves through a wide range of options as compared to traditional flooring.

Durability and Maintenance 

Chemical-resistant sealers can block out animal dander that can create a permanent odor in an interior. They also provide a barrier from cooking oils, body fluids, and spills that can wreak havoc on traditional flooring. Interior residences can go more than 10 years without the need to reseal. Sealed floors can be cleaned efficiently without heavy detergents. Concrete floors can also be waxed periodically to maintain a “like new” appearance in heavy abuse areas.

Substrate Conditions

Substrate conditions that can cause issues with traditional flooring can be overcome with concrete flooring. Cement overlay coats can be applied to even out the surface and cover imperfections. Also, concrete floors can be raised to a specific height requirement or sit evenly with the existing slab. Concrete floors can also can be adjusted to create a slope or eliminate a slope if needed. Moisture remediation systems can be applied to the concrete foundation when there’s a vapor emission problem.

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