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What to Know Before Choosing Cementitious Urethane Floors

Industrial facilities require floors that are easy to maintain and tough enough to withstand harsh operating conditions. Besides keeping the facility running efficiently, the right type of floor can ensure compliance with industry-specific health and safety regulations. Because these two aspects are vital to business success, we recommend cementitious urethane floors for any challenging environment. […]

Benefits of Acid-Stained Concrete

Acid staining is a finishing technique for concrete that mixes water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts. This mixture penetrates and chemically reacts with the hydrated lime in the concrete. The stain lightly etches the concrete surface, which allows the metallic salts to penetrate easier. After the stain reacts, it becomes a permanent part of […]

Learn About Decorative Concrete Overlays

If you’re looking to update and refresh the look of your concrete floors, decorative overlays are a low-cost option. Rather than removal or replacement, overlays allow you to easily and effectively hide surface imperfections like stains and cracks. What is a concrete overlay? Overlays are a type of resurfacing finish that you apply over existing […]

How to Clean and Maintain your Terrazzo Floor

How do I clean a terrazzo floor? Because this type of flooring is inexpensive, durable, and widely available, this question is a very common one. By knowing how to answer it, you will be able to keep your terrazzo flooring bright and beautiful for many years, no matter what type of wear it is subjected […]

Epoxy Flooring Trends for Summer 2019

Summer is here, and it is time to start tackling all those projects that need to be done around your home. If you are looking at redoing your flooring, epoxy is a great choice because it is protective and offers a lot of unique looks. While you may think epoxy floors have to be boring […]

Surface Preparation Equipment—Tools of the Trade

Concrete resurfacing is a big undertaking, especially when it comes to industrial and commercial concrete floors. The first—and arguably most important—step of this laborious and time-consuming task is surface prep, getting the surface ready for the application of overlays and coatings. For concrete flooring contractors to successfully prep a floor for resurfacing, they not only […]

7 Tips For Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Any type of flooring comes with inevitable upkeep if you intend to keep the quality maintained, and polished concrete floors are no different. While they are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance when compared to other types of decorative concrete and other flooring alternatives, they do require some degree of regular attention if you intend […]

Tips For Designing Terrazzo Floors

Lots of people come to us at All Stone Restoration asking for help designing their terrazzo floors, so I decided we should share a few of our best tips. Just take these into consideration when sketching out those floor designs and you should have a masterpiece in no time. 1 Keep an open mind There […]

Painting a Concrete Floor: The How-to Guide

Do you think painting a concrete floor is a better option than using floor marking tape? We know differently but if you still have doubts, let us show you exactly what is required for painting concrete. We’ve scoured the internet for a how-to guide for painting a concrete floor, and could not find anything. So we researched and […]