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Epoxy Quartz Flooring: 5 Ways It’s Right For Your Business

1 – Create a Seamless Floor Surface Wood, tile, vinyl and similar flooring can be extremely difficult, nay almost impossible, to clean. This is due to the small gaps and fissions the surface creates. Anything less than a smooth, seamless surface would be hazardous to the sanitary conditions in cleanroom environments, and spaces at high […]

Why Hospitals Choose Terrazzo Flooring

Hospitals are transforming. Patients, medical staff, and hospital visitors all get a better experience with terrazzo. When entering a hospital, it almost feels like stepping into a hospitality-like environment. Hospitals installed with terrazzo flooring create a warm and welcoming environment for its patients and visitors. For this blog, we’ll discuss how hospitals choose terrazzo flooring in […]

5 Reasons to Choose Concrete Floors Over Traditional Flooring

Concrete flooring is an excellent choice for interiors, as there are many routes to achieve the end user’s goals. Some of the most common interior concrete floor options include stained and sealed floors, overlay stain systems, solid color epoxy flooring, and decorative epoxy systems. Diverse and versatile, each of these systems can provide many advantages […]

The Beauty of Terrazzo Flooring

While you may have never heard the term ‘Terrazzo,’ chances are you have walked upon terrazzo floors at some point in your life. Commonly used in hotels, schools, and office buildings throughout Ottawa and throughout the last century, Terrazzo floors are beautiful, elegant, and incredibly durable and long lasting. Michelangelo used Terrazzo floors in St. […]

The 3-Stage Concrete Grinding, Honing and Polishing Process

Polished concrete has captured the imagination of architects, engineers, property owners, interior designers and general contractors for a little more than 10 years. The entire design process is a mix of technical know-how, industry experience and artistic expression that can make or break the result, depending on the skill level of the polisher and crew. […]

Water-based Concrete Stains Grow in Popularity

Traditional acid-based stains may be today’s gold standard for the decorative concrete industry, but their water-based cousins are growing in popularity due to their ease of application, quick cleanup and range of colors. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages. The main things to know are that surface prep is different, particularly between acid and […]

How to Fix Concrete Cleaning Mistakes

How to Fix Concrete Cleaning Mistakes

Costly Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them Cleaning polished concrete floors doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. That’s one of the great things about concrete floors: they are very low maintenance in comparison to other types of flooring. Most spills won’t ruin concrete, unlike an unpolished surface. Concrete floors can take heavy abuse […]

Why Polished Concrete Floor is Better Than Unpolished

Why Polished Concrete Floor is Better Than Unpolished

Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Over Unpolished Unpolished concrete floors offer industrial buildings, warehouses, and other commercial settings robust flooring solutions that will stand the test of time. Although tough, leaving a concrete floor unpolished can have many drawbacks. In reality, polished concrete floors have many benefits over an unpolished floor. To see why you […]

Concrete Floor Coating vs Polished Concrete

What is Better: Concrete Floor Coating vs. Polished Concrete

Which should you choose: concrete floor coating or polished concrete?  Whether you’re building a new office, warehouse, or another commercial space, you’ll first need to evaluate what type of flooring you want. While concrete floor coatings are a reliable and practical choice for many commercial environments, polished concrete is beginning to rise in popularity as […]