Ceramic tile floors have either a glazed or unglazed surface. Glazed floors are incredibly stain and scratch resistant, and do not fade from sunlight.

Popular and hard-wearing, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for residential and commercial properties. Even so, ceramic tiles may need restoring to their original quality when their shine fades and the grout darkens.

We repair and restore ages and damaged ceramic tiles. We perfectly recreate missing tiles to match their surroundings. We use the latest technology to match the Pantone of its neighboring tile, creating a seamless and high-quality finish.


  • Scratches and surface marks

  • Damage and wear to glazing

  • Loose tiles

  • Moisture damage

  • Discoloration

  • Small chips and cracks

  • Cleaning ceramic floors won’t cut it. Ceramic tiles require professional maintenance and care. Grout can absorb moisture over time, and this can be particularly noticeable if a light color has been used. To get the maximum lifespan out of your floor, we advise expert cleaning and restoration.

  • While ceramic floors are strong, they’re not invincible. Big impacts can crack and loosen tiles. Luckily, replacing and reseating individual tiles is a common and affordable fix.

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