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Concrete Floors and Vet Practices

Why Concrete Flooring is a Great Solution for Vet Practices

Floor Finishes for Veterinary Surgeries 

When it comes to veterinary practices, hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. Everything from mud, dirt, urine, blood, vomit, and feces can be deposited and tracked across floor finishes. For this reason, it is important that the floor surface is quick and easy to clean. This is where concrete floors really shine.

Veterinary Flooring Solutions

Whether paws, claws, hooves, or shoes, the traffic in animal facilities is ongoing and abrasive. Vet practices flooring coating systems should provide some slip-resistance, but never to the detriment of sensitive canine paw pads. Such flooring will also need to be cleanable, especially when hygiene and pathogen control are high priorities.

Sanitary Flooring Systems

Grout lines and seams in flooring other than concrete can harbor odors and germs. That is because unprotected floor slabs are porous to substances. A concrete floor with an epoxy coat can foil the accumulation of bacterial by sealing pores and preventing the floor from absorbing any kind of substances, including pathogens carried by animals. Veterinary and animal flooding systems must be seamless so that clean up is quick. An integral floor-to-wall cove base and a floor that gently slopes to a drain can be time-savers, especially when hosing down and cleaning up kennels.

Custom Floors, Reliable Restoration

Your facility is one of a kind, and your flooring system should be, too. Each of our flooring systems is custom designed to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team members ensure you get the right concrete epoxy or other resin materials that suits your vet practice needs. What’s more, we can restore concrete floors that have been damaged by claws, scratches, hooves, or otherwise.

A lot of businesses can benefit from having concrete floors treated with resin, and a veterinary clinic is just one of them. For the expert help that you deserve, visit the team at All Stone Restoration, serving Smithtown and neighboring cities in New York. From polished concrete to natural stone, we help your property look its best for many years to come!