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The Concrete Stenciling Process

The Concrete Stenciling Process

Stenciling Concrete Flooring

If you’re looking for concrete stenciling, you should be aware that the process of applying your design can differ depending on the type of stenciling you are looking to use. In most cases, you have a choice of either paper or plastic stenciling. Furthermore, it’s important to take into consideration as to whether the process is being applied on an overlay or to the existing polished concrete directly. In addition, the decoration and style that you want may also impact the stenciling process.

If the design is being applied to existing concrete directly, the process may go as follows:

  • Before the use of the stencil (or even after it), certain colors are mixed with the chemical strains or particular dyes which are water or solvent based.
  • Troweling may be used to create an embossed pattern. A thin overlay coating may be applied over the stencil to lock it in place.
  • The technique of light sandblasting may be used to etch the required design on the surface of the concrete.

All of the above techniques can be enhanced further to improve the performance and visual effect of the stencil. Stencils, along with the overlay, is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your floors. If you’re looking for a custom stencil for your concrete flooring, the professionals may choose to do it in one of two ways:

  • Stray-down systems
  • Trowel-down micro topping systems

It’s recommended that the stencil is removed a few hours after the overlay has been applied. The professionals will check to see if it is safe to remove the stencil by lifting a corner very gently. Only when the flooring is dry and protected will the stencil be removed and ready for use!

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