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What to Consider Before Installing Concrete Floors

Important Things to Consider When Getting Concrete Floors

Polished concrete has become a popular flooring option due to its modern, attractive design aesthetic and durable, low maintenance finish. In its natural state, concrete is gray with a rough, prickly texture. Fortunately, this can be smoothed to some extent by undertaking certain processes during the setting stage. What’s more, you have numerous options for achieving an attractive, decorative effect on the floor. If you’re thinking about installing concrete floors or restoring your current floors to their original quality, first check out these considerations.

Moisture and Water Concerns

If you are going to remove an existing floor surface coverage and use the concrete slab below as the floor itself, then you must ensure that proper moisture penetration prevention measures have been taken. In most new buildings, the foundation slab is installed with a vapor barrier between the material and the ground soil, which prevents water from traveling up into it.


Do you want the floor polished and honed? How about adding a powered color hardener to bring color into the mix? There are a variety of styles and design options that you can choose from. Sealers can also be applied to add traction to the surface of the floor afterward.


A common problem with polished concrete floors is that over time cracks may appear on its surface. This is because the concrete slab is a single, solid piece. When the foundation of the property shifts, the concrete is subjected to enormous pressures, which can take the form of small cracks in the surface. Fortunately, professionals are here to restore your concrete floor. Check out when cracks in concrete should concern you.

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