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Decorative Concrete Trends: 4 Methods to Get the Faux Wood Look

One of the hottest flooring trends today is a faux wood look. Just walk through your local hardware store and see the various wood tiles available. Creative applications are also plastered across social media sites.

For years, the only way to achieve a wood texture in concrete was stamping. While this practice is still used today, there are several new ways to achieve a more authentic wood finish. Check out these four popular techniques and applications:

Stamped Concrete Method (Interior/Exterior)

As mentioned, concrete stamping has been around for years. This traditional method is still great for large areas that require heavy traffic and great traction.

We can either pour new concrete or apply a cementitious overlay and stamp the wood pattern using rubber stamps. Different coloring methods can be used, with the most popular being to color the entire floor with a base color and then antique or accent with the second and third colors.

Broom Finish/Trowel Method (Interior/Exterior)

This wood-look method leaves you with a less aggressive texture than the stamp method. The final product looks closer to real wood (when compared to stamping), and it requires less material. The coloring techniques are generally the same.

Light Broom/Trowel Method (Interior)

This method is very similar to traditional broom/trowel method. The two main differences are the intensity of texture and the coloring application. Since you cannot rely on the texture fully to give you the wood appearance, coloring becomes critical with this method.

Grouted Broom Texture Method (Interior)

We can achieve the most authentic faux wood finish using the grout method. The finished floor is the smoothest of all methods, plus it’s easier to recreate the same look for future jobs.

Flooring can mimic natural and man-made materials. Stone and wood-look floors in different materials are on the rise. Flooring trends don’t change nearly as often as other home decor, but we are in a period of evolution thanks to advancing technologies. We can now do more than ever before with lookalike flooring options and low maintenance flooring options.

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