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Epoxy Flooring Trends for Summer 2019

Summer is here, and it is time to start tackling all those projects that need to be done around your home. If you are looking at redoing your flooring, epoxy is a great choice because it is protective and offers a lot of unique looks. While you may think epoxy floors have to be boring or lackluster, this is not the case.

Here are some great epoxy flooring trends for the summer of 2019!

The Natural Look

Imagine creating an amazing outdoor scene on your indoor floor? You can use stones to create a whimsical path through your bathroom, living room, or kitchen. Use blue epoxy to go around the path to create the illusion that the path is built to go through a river or pond. Sand or pebbles can be added between the stones to improve on the natural and realistic look. You can even have some smaller stones embedded in the epoxy, so it looks as if they are in the water.

This kind of natural look is a huge trend right now! People are enjoying the relaxing feeling that the outdoor feeling brings into their home life.

Images on Your Floor

A major trend right now is 3D epoxy flooring. With 3D flooring, a base coat of self-leveling epoxy is laid down to create a perfectly flat surface. Then, a 3D image is added to the floor. Popular choices include ocean vistas, tropical forest floors and shoreline waves. This option really gives you a lot of creative license. Some people have even created floors that look like holes you could fall into, or like a shark is jumping out of the ocean at you.

Doing it Green

Using recycled items is another major trend of 2019. People are using old wine corks, pennies, beer bottle caps, broken glass, and more to create flooring that is one of a kind, and it also re-purposes items. This can be a lot of fun as you seek out the items you need to create your repurposed floor. Whole families, church groups, and even communites have gotten involved in collecting items for people.

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