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Epoxy Quartz Flooring: 5 Ways It’s Right For Your Business

1 – Create a Seamless Floor Surface

Wood, tile, vinyl and similar flooring can be extremely difficult, nay almost impossible, to clean. This is due to the small gaps and fissions the surface creates. Anything less than a smooth, seamless surface would be hazardous to the sanitary conditions in cleanroom environments, and spaces at high risk for contamination. Quartz epoxy floor coatings create a single seamless surface that prevents microorganisms, such as mold or mildew, from gaining a foothold in small cracks.

2 – High Level of Durability

Epoxy coatings are one of the strongest options for commercial and industrial flooring. Able to withstand constant stressors, epoxy can be engineered to maintain its integrity under the duress of constant foot traffic, and heavy machinery alike. Epoxy’s strong and resilient surface is difficult to damage, and yet easy to repair if chipping or cracking does occur.

3 – Engineering Chemical Resistance

Epoxy quartz flooring, though highly resistant to most forms of industrial chemicals, can also be formulated to add additional chemical resistance should the environment require it. Epoxy floor coatings are an ideal choice in any situation where caustic chemical spills are a possibility.

4 – Non-slip Properties

An epoxy floor may look shiny and slick, but it actually provides excellent traction. The right epoxy coatings will also remain relatively non-slip even when liquids are spilled on it. This is a flooring option that allows your workforce to walk confidently and minimize risk, without sacrificing cleanliness or resilience.

5 – Aesthetics and Appeal

Epoxy has a reputation for being functional rather than fashionable. However, it does have the potential to be customized to create aesthetically appealing floors. In particular, epoxy quartz flooring blends in quartz flakes into the utilitarian epoxy. This results in eye-catching patterns and colors. Almost any color combination is possible, and the quartz flakes can vary in size.  Many combinations look like natural stone, giving the idea of granite or similar surfaces.

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