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How to Fix Concrete Cleaning Mistakes

How to Fix Concrete Cleaning Mistakes

Costly Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Cleaning polished concrete floors doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. That’s one of the great things about concrete floors: they are very low maintenance in comparison to other types of flooring. Most spills won’t ruin concrete, unlike an unpolished surface. Concrete floors can take heavy abuse from machinery, foot traffic, and dropped objects, unlike any other flooring. Even so, they do require some attention and cleaning. Below are common cleaning mistakes and how to fix them.

Common Floor Cleaning

Using common floor cleaning products on concrete floors can be a big mistake. If you use any detergents, make sure they are pH-neutral. Using harsh cleaning chemicals will reduce the durability of the materials used to seal your concrete floors. Then your floors will have to be re-sealed sooner than they should. The floors will be etched and lose their luster. If you do clean your concrete floors, hire the right professionals to restore them to their pristine condition.

Not Cleaning Them

You may think it’s unnecessary to clean sealed concrete floors. But your concrete should be dust mopped each day and mopped with clean water at least weekly. Without maintaining your concrete floors, you could see your concrete floors wear out sooner than if they were maintained.


Using the wrong chemicals can alter your concrete floors. Concrete has chemicals in it such as calcium, lime, and more. When another chemical is placed on the concrete, it absorbs into the pores of the concrete and reacts. If the wrong chemicals are used it will remove some needed chemicals. This can then leave the concrete with either a grey-blue or even white look. An exterior stained concrete dye can help to restore the color to the flooring.

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