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How Long do Polished Concrete Floors Last?

How Long do Polished Concrete Floors Last?

The Lifespan of Polished Concrete Floors

A polished concrete floor is an amazing choice from many flooring options. This flooring is a type that more and more people are choosing. The durability alone sells many people on polished concrete. The ease of maintenance is a bonus. When polished concrete floors are well-maintained, they can last a very long time.

Polished concrete floors are renowned for their long lifespan. They are hard wearing and will not naturally chip or dent like softer surfaces. It has widely become seen as the ‘go to’ flooring choice, especially in large areas of high footfall and heavy use such as warehouses, restaurants, hotels, shops and office buildings, as well as the home. Of course, how well concrete floors wear is dependent on the finish, the foot traffic, and how well it is maintained.

You may wonder how long you will get to enjoy the same sparkling floor that you enjoyed on day one. There is no real concern for ‘damage’ to the flooring. Simple maintenance and regular upkeep are vital to the look of the floor. A shine can disappear, but this is natural. Property owners should avoid using harsh chemicals on the polished concrete, especially products with a high pH. Another common mistake is using harsh brushes. Polished concrete may be resistant to abrasion, but coarse pads and brushes will certainly force the issues, and eventually do what they’re designed to do.

Like most things, polished concrete floors last longer with regular servicing. If you look after them properly, they will last longer. To maintain your floor:

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove any dust or grit that could scratch the floor.
  • Mop over with warm water only. We recommend using a dry mop, such as a microfiber mop.
  • Buff the surface once it is dry with a floor polisher and a non-aggressive white buffing pad.

All Stone Restoration can restore your concrete floor or add in a new, sparkling one. Whether you need help deciding on the finish or material, contact us today for your free on-site advise and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you