Restoration of natural stone is the process to bring it back to its original state. It may also involve the altering of the stones surface to match a desired finish. In some cases, an owner may desire a polished surface to be honed or a honed surface polished whichever we can handle. Restoration is a process that can only be done by a professional stone restoration technician. A maintenance or janitorial company will not have the proper tools or experience or patience to restore natural stone.

Here are a few of our stone restoration jobs notice the depth and clarity once again of the polish. The owners are always amazed that there old natural stone could look absolutely amazing. No matter how big or how small the job whether high on top of Manhattan or you’re basement bathroom floor we can handle it and treat both as important.


  • Cleaning and polishing of all natural stone floors and surfaces.

  • Polishing granite and repairing seams and cracks.

  • Sealing, color enhancing.


  • Cleaning and sealing to preserve the grout color and life.

  • Dyeing discolored grout that can’t be cleaned due to stains, to any desired color.

  • Replacement of broken or chipped tiles.

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