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Why Polished Concrete Floor is Better Than Unpolished

Why Polished Concrete Floor is Better Than Unpolished

Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Over Unpolished

Unpolished concrete floors offer industrial buildings, warehouses, and other commercial settings robust flooring solutions that will stand the test of time. Although tough, leaving a concrete floor unpolished can have many drawbacks. In reality, polished concrete floors have many benefits over an unpolished floor. To see why you should choose a polished concrete floor over an unpolished one, read on.

#1: No Dust

One of the many reasons why businesses and individuals choose concrete floors is that the hard surface can be kept dust free. However, unpolished floors are left porous, as the top layer of the material has not been sealed. This leads to tiny dust particles pushing through to the surface, leaving a fine film of dust. Polished concrete floors are sealed to prevent dust from settling, keeping the floors looking neat and tidy.

#2: Reduced Maintenance Costs          

A polished concrete floor has an extra layer of resistance to what is thrown at it. It lasts incredibly well under pressure and can withstand heavy situations, such as lots of foot traffic, heavy machinery, and tire marks. Unlike unpolished concrete floors that need to be stripped back on a regular basis to be re-coated with wax or sealer, polished concrete floors are easy to maintain. To keep the flooring looking in good condition, it may need re-sealing. In the long run, it is possibly the most effective flooring solutions out there.

#3: Looks Stunning

A polished concrete floor will often be mistaken for another material. For example, a white base concrete floor is often mistaken for marble. It is sleek, versatile, and works well in homes, offices, schools, factories, warehouses, and malls. But polished concrete doesn’t have to stop at the floor. From worktops to kitchens to bathrooms, polished concrete can be incorporated into all aspects of the property. Unpolished concrete is often bland, rough, and matte, and many don’t want to incorporate these features into the entire property.

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