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Is a Polished Concrete Floor the Perfect Retail Flooring Solution?

Is a Polished Concrete Floor the Perfect Retail Flooring Solution?

Would Your Business Benefit from Concrete Flooring? 

Go into any mall and you will find polished concrete flooring. Why? Because the polished concrete floor is one of the best solutions for retail flooring. Like the home, the concrete floor can offer so many benefits and advantages. Check out a few below.

It’s robust

Concrete is incredibly hard and durable. It’s a simple mix – one that’s been around for 5,000 years. Modern concrete consists of water, aggregate such as rock, sand or gravel, and cement. This solution can withstand all kinds of pressure, forces, and uses. From heeled shoes to heavy machinery, dragging furniture, and hordes of stampeding holiday rush shoppers!

It’s easy to clean and maintain

You want retail flooring to look clean, pristine, and well-maintained at all times. Polished concrete floors sparkle – quite literally – on a daily basis. The top layer of sealer ensures that all scuffs, scrapes, and stains do not damage the actual concrete flooring beneath. For high-traffic areas and luxury retail sectors, regular buffing will help to maintain the high gloss and professional-looking finish.

It provides a high-gloss finish without being slippery

The last thing that any retailer needs is for customers to slip and fall. This is why concrete flooring is so versatile – it looks incredibly glossy and smooth but rarely slippery, unlike other kinds of floors that are waxed. Mats are advisable at entrances and exits to prevent water on the floor, but overall, this flooring type works well for retail health and safety.

As retail flooring solutions go, concrete floors are one of the wisest and most cost-effective solutions you can invest in for your business. For the expert help that you need to decide if concrete flooring is right for your business, visit the team at All Stone Restoration, serving Smithtown and neighboring cities in New York. From polished concrete to natural stone, we help your property look its best for many years to come!