Sierra Stone is a product unlike any other. Created from natural stone and industrial-grade epoxies, Sierra Stone is a resilient and attractive material. It can withstand the harsh winters and unforgiving summer heat in New York. Whatever the conditions, Sierra Stone is strong enough to endure. Combining natural stone with epoxy, we are able to offer commercial and residential clients an alternative solution to a decorative concrete overlay. Whether you’re looking for Sierra Stone restoration in New York or Sierra Stone polishing in New York, or more, we can help.

Sierra Stone is very versatile and durable. It is ideal for repairing old and worn out concrete or simply improving the appearance of the existing cement for a stunning surface. The natural stone in it allows it to blend well with most surroundings to make it adaptable in many spaces, residential and commercial. Not only that, but Sierra Stone maintenance in New York is very minimal, too.

Commercial properties can benefit significantly from using Sierra Stone in their properties due to the greater need for durability. The material is ideal for retail, institutional, and healthcare facilities, as well as restaurants, showrooms, garages, and residential applications. Businesses can enjoy Sierra Stone flooring that improves traction, resists marks, withstands high traffic, and is cost-effective!


  • Clean – Remove surface dirt and light strains with a special detergent for stone. Tougher stains may require a slight alkaline cleaner.

  • Hone – Honing involves the use of heavy-grit diamond pads to eliminate deep scratches and tile lippage.

  • Refinish – Removes light scratches and wear patterns with wet diamond pads.

  • Polish – Polishing brings out the color and creates a stunning luster to the stone.

  • Restoration – Involves various stone adhesives that restore the stone to close to its original quality.

  • And more!

Are you ready to get started on your Sierra Stone flooring in New York? With a quick cure time, it can be walked on as quickly as the day after installation and driven on four days after. Whether you’re looking for a Sierra Stone floor, repair, refinishing, restoration, polishing, or maintenance, All Stone Restoration can ensure that your needs are met. With 47 years of experience, our team of experts can handle it all.

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