Created from natural stone and industrial-grade epoxies, Sierra Stone is a resilient and attractive material. Combining natural stone with epoxy, we offer commercial and residential clients an alternative solution to a decorative concrete overlay.

Advantages of Sierra Stone

  • Sierra Stone is incredibly versatile and hard-wearing. The surface is resistant to liquids, stains, and odors, making it a great choice for commercial and residential properties alike. The natural stone allows the surface it to seamlessly adapt to most surroundings.


  • Because of the porous nature of the stone, liquids pass through the stone surface and will drain to eliminate standing water. The epoxy coats the stone, making it stain resistant, too.


  • Sierra Stone is a unique, decorative stone and epoxy overlay, designed for both interior and exterior applications. It is effortless to maintain, however, a fresh coat of epoxy should be applied to restore the shine that dulls with UV exposure and high usage. The frequency of this application depends on the usage and traffic the area is subjected to.


  • The Sierra Stone can crack due to the surface underneath shifting or settling. Damage to this stone can be easily repaired. The stone will always match because Sierra Stone is a natural stone.

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