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Tips For Designing Terrazzo Floors

Lots of people come to us at All Stone Restoration asking for help designing their terrazzo floors, so I decided we should share a few of our best tips.

Just take these into consideration when sketching out those floor designs and you should have a masterpiece in no time.

1 Keep an open mind

There is a LOT you can do with terrazzo, so don’t think you’re limited to the standard wavy lines or checker board patterns. Create a shape, a portrait–anything really! Just let those creative juices flow freely and you’re sure to have a great design.

2 Think color

The more colors you include, the more interesting your terrazzo floor will be. Now, don’t go overboard and include 6 different shades of every color of the rainbow, but adding a bit of color here and there–and not just blacks, whites, and neutrals–can make your floors really POP.

3 Look around you

Inspiration could come from anywhere, so don’t disregard your surroundings. Just look around to get some ideas for your terrazzo design. Is your building surrounded by beautiful nature-scapes? Why not include that into your design? Located in an industrial space? Build upon that with your floors! Repetition is a key element for a good design, so if you can use it–and do so well–you’ll have a great looking space that features some great looking floors.

4 Consider control joints

Control joints are a pain, but control joints are something we are all familiar with and something we have to consider when designing floors. When it comes to terrazzo, sites with control joints must be lined with a divider strip, so why not use that to your advantage if possible? Incorporate those joints and required divider strips into your design! This way, the floor won’t look broken up and choppy when those divider strips run through your design–it will be an intentional aspect of the design. What could have once been considered a flaw is now a piece of art!

Take these 4 simple tips to the drawing board and start designing those beautiful new terrazzo floors! We’d love to see some sketches, so if you post any on social media make sure to tag #AllStoneRestoration !

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