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concrete floors in Smithtown, NY

Understanding Concrete Floors: The Good and the Bad

Gain more insight into concrete floors in Smithtown, NY to help you make the right decision for your flooring.  

Concrete floors have been around a long time, but do you really understand what makes them so useful? Of course, there are downsides and benefits to every flooring, but before you strip up your existing floors and lay down a concrete one, it’s wise to gain more understanding about concrete floors. Check out the pros and cons of concrete flooring.



  • Durability

Concrete is by far one of the more durable materials for any kind of building, especially warehouses and garages. Concrete can withstand the weight of forklifts, vehicles, heavy equipment, and more. Not only that, but it is difficult to damage in any shape or form. This means that concrete flooring lasts a very long time, saving time and money.

  • Low Maintenance

Many businesses that have concrete floors needn’t do a lot of maintenance to keep their flooring looking new. Maintaining the longevity of a concrete floor comes down mainly to sealing or waxing it every three to nine months, especially if there is regular heavy traffic.

  • ‘Green’ Choice

Polished concrete is very ‘green’. It minimizes the consumption of material since concrete is usually already there. It also reflects and distributes light differently. It can make it possible to save energy by reducing the use of lighting, such as in warehouses and retail stores.

  • Versatility

Later on down the line, you might decide you want to install another floor surface. Concrete floors lend themselves nicely to work on their own and be able to be paired with another floor surface. Given proper maintenance, this kind of versatility is a huge benefit.



  • Unforgiving strength

While the strength of concrete is also a huge plus, it can be seen as a downfall, especially around fragile things and people. Older individuals may be smart to stay away from such a hard surface to avoid breaking something.

  • Lack of Comfort

It may be uncomfortable for people to stand for long periods of time on concrete floors. However, padded mats are often a good way to go if team members will be standing.

  • Cold Flooring

Concrete isn’t a great insulator and it hardly retains any heat at all. While this can work great for keeping warehouses cool for stock, it may not be ideal for some workspaces.

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