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Where to Use Polished Concrete in a Building

Where to Use Polished Concrete in a Building

Polished Concrete: The Interior Trend 

From floors to worktops, polished concrete has been growing in popularity as an alternative surface for interiors. While many still think of concrete as a lackluster material, others are enjoying the benefits of concrete. Polished concrete is dense concrete that is ground down with progressively finer grinding tools until it has reached a perfect shine.

Why Use Concrete?

Concrete has a longer life than most floors if installed correctly. Compared to similar surfaces like tiles, which last up to 20 years, polished concrete can give well over 100 years if looked after properly. Because of this, it is seen by some as a more sustainable flooring option. In addition, it’s low maintenance to keep clean and in good condition.

Where To Use It?

Because of the modern techniques, polished concrete can come in a variety of designs, colors, and shines. In buildings, it can be used in a wide variety of surfaces, including:

  • Floors. Thanks to polished concrete’s positive properties, many businesses, warehouses, and homes have a layer of concrete flooring. It’s great for high usage areas like kitchens and hallways as it can be cleaned easily, it does well under pressure, and underfloor heating works well. 
  • Worktops and units. Concrete can be poured in, so it can be used to create unique shapes and to fit around existing taps, sinks, and units. The anti-mold properties make it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and free-standing units can be made of polished concrete.
  • Stairs. Contrary to popular belief, polished concrete doesn’t provide an ice rink surface. Texture can be added to the top of each step to increase the anti-slip properties, making concrete a great material for stairs.
  • Bathrooms. Polished concrete works well in wet rooms as you can have a seamless connection between the wall and floor, which means no more grout to clean. A special moisture vapor permeable concrete can be used to help the room breath.
  • Exteriors. Polished concrete can handle tough weather. Sealers should be added to improve the non-slip properties, but with regular maintenance, the concrete will keep in good condition.

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