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Your Guide to Choosing a Polished Concrete Finish

Your Guide to Choosing a Polished Concrete Finish

Find the right finish for your polished concrete floor.

At All Stone Restoration, we offer a range of concrete finishes to suit various locations and desired styles. Whether your new office, warehouse or retail space needs new flooring, we’ve got you covered. Along with polished concrete, we offer natural stone, ceramic tile, and Sierra Stone options. To help you decide what concrete finish is right for your needs, read on.

Dust Topping

To create dust topped concrete flooring, dust is applied using a topping spreader just before the power-float process begins. This finish is perfect for industrial or retail flooring spaces as it is available in a range of colors. This coating can be created to suit a theme or style of an environment while providing an abrasion-resistant surface.

Brush Finish Concrete Flooring

This finish is created when a specially-designed wire concrete brush is pulled over the surface of freshly laid concrete. This grooved texture not only looks unique, but it is ideal for outdoor parking lots and transport yards as it provides extra grip and traction for tires.

Simply Polished Concrete

The major benefit to polished concrete is that it looks flawless and it is well-suited to so many environments. From retail spaces to indoor car garages to commercial offices. Concrete can be colored and certain things can be added to the new poured floors to add style and character.

All Stone Restoration can restore your concrete floor or add in a new, sparkling one. Whether you need help deciding on the finish or material, contact us today for your free on-site advise and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.